Planned Litters


We live in extraordinary times and because we are all looking for something to get us through these times, Siobahn are being overwhelmed by interest in puppies. 

There are two ways of looking at this - it's great to have such interest in our breed, but we are a little concerned that not everyone has considered the very long term commitment required to own a dog, one that will probably live ten to twelve years.

Puppies grow up and if accustomed to your total attention when first arriving in your home, have you considered how you will manage your dog's needs as we move into a new "normal". 

From our owners we are looking for homes that have arrived at their decision to buy a puppy after long consideration and hope that you can understand why that would be the case.

Quite simply, we love dogs and want to be sure that every puppy we breed has a great life in the home we select for them. Any thing less and we have not done our best.

Going forward, we are planning one further litter for 2020, with puppies available from approximately

             June /July 2020

Please register your interest  if you would like to be considered as a future owner.

Our Dogs

Whilst some of our dogs are in the show ring and are bred, they are first and foremost, our pets.


Our dogs stay with us for life and are family members.


Let us introduce them to you.

Things to consider

Please make sure you are ready to provide a loving home for life  and  the care and attention required to raise a German Shepherd well.

Responsible pet ownership is key and it is important our puppies go to loving, committed homes. Our dogs deserve nothing less.



In 1991 we acquired our first German Shepherd dog, a long coat called Quartorze Dallas.


The journey since then has been one of absolute joy and pleasure, tinged with  the sadness of loss every time one of our beautiful animals passes.

We were led to breed our dogs because, knowing the privilege of ownership and remarkable bond we had enjoyed with this breed, we wanted others to experience what we treasured. We have now come full circle and only breed long stock coat GSDs now.

Our goal in breeding has always been for soundness, temperament and to produce a dog that others come to believe is the best dog ever. To quote an unknown author:

“Let’s not measure the success of a breeder by the amount of winning their dogs do in the show ring, but by the number of dogs that stay with the family that purchased them as a pup and die in the arms of that same family years later. In that case we have three winners : the breeder, the family and most importantly, the dog”




Whilst there are always exceptions, the German Shepherd breed  lives between 10 and 12 years on average. And assuming they remain healthy, active dogs, throughout their life, your dog will require:

  • TIME with you and other family members

  • PATIENCE & LOVE that will let them learn 

  • REGULAR EXERCISE appropriate to their needs

  • POSITIVE MENTAL ACTIVITY to stave off boredom

  • QUALITY FOOD & HEALTH CARE throughout their life

  • A SAFE ENVIRONMENT to call home

  • SOCIALISATION & TRAINING that ensures they grow to be a positive ambassador for their breed and a credit to you, their owner.

Because they are so intelligent, they will test you at every life stage and they will rely on you to provide guidance, control and a stimulating and loving home.

Making a decision to purchase a German Shepherd now is a contract between yourself and your pet committing to being there for themthroughout every life stage. If you are not reasonably confident that this will be the case, please do not consider a Siobahn puppy.














For any inquiries and questions, please call Yvonne Yun on 0450 905 929 or fill out the following form. We are very keen to know a little about you and your lifestyle.


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